Web Application For Compliance Software

We develop and support an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

Compliance Software Bespoke Development

Impact develop, support and update an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

It has a register builder wizard where by asking a user a series of question cards it automatically builds up a register containing all the legislation required for a business, the user can then review the legislation carry out a risk analysis, audit, create actions, etc.  It is updated daily by administrators so companies know they will never not know about relevant legislation.  It also emails out when updates are carried out. 

We have recently written 2 extra modules for ISO 9001/14000 which is all form based question/answer, all of the outputs are formatted into Word and/or pdf for downloading/viewing by the user.  For these modules we wrote a very flexible automatic form builder, you specify a form layout, rules, and drop downs, and the system will automatically create the forms, database, report, etc.

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  • Web Application for Compliance Software
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No.1 ecommerce website - Andrew Strain

No.1 Traveller


Ecommerce website serving 6 major UK Airports.

We contracted Impact to help us develop an ecommerce website offering executive lounge services at Heathrow, Gatwick & Stansted.  Impact assisted in writing the functional specification and developed the ecommerce store from scratch. Over time we have enhanced the website to now take bookings for everything from lounge access to limousine hire, and airside bedrooms to spa services.  This website queries real-time availability using web API's and pushes bookings through to the relevant airport lounges, plus distributes messaging to all appropriate services eg concierge, beauty therapists etc. There are also affiliate tracking systems and dynamic discount code features.

This project has involved some complex problem solving and development and we have always found Andy more than capable of delivering a solution that has met our needs, timeline and budget.

I have always found Impact to be prompt in communications, available to discuss any ideas or issues that we’ve had, and they have often gone the extra mile by making changes to our website and epos systems in the early hours of the morning so as to minimise disruption to our executive lounges.

Andrew Strain

Director of Digital