Web Application For Compliance Software

We develop and support an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

Compliance Software Bespoke Development

Impact develop, support and update an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

It has a register builder wizard where by asking a user a series of question cards it automatically builds up a register containing all the legislation required for a business, the user can then review the legislation carry out a risk analysis, audit, create actions, etc.  It is updated daily by administrators so companies know they will never not know about relevant legislation.  It also emails out when updates are carried out. 

We have recently written 2 extra modules for ISO 9001/14000 which is all form based question/answer, all of the outputs are formatted into Word and/or pdf for downloading/viewing by the user.  For these modules we wrote a very flexible automatic form builder, you specify a form layout, rules, and drop downs, and the system will automatically create the forms, database, report, etc.

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  • Web Application for Compliance Software
  • web application, software development

Badger Office Supplies - Karl

Badger Office Supplies


Ecommerce website selling ink and toner cartridges.

Impact Technology worked very closely with us throughout the planning process of a new retail website, offering expert advice and opening our eyes to new technology and various digital marketing options.  Andy and Jo kept in regular contact throughout the development stage by providing updates, recommendations and generally being a cut above other web developers that we have worked with in the past. 

Since the launch of our website, Impact Technology have developed a range of bespoke features that have allowed us to control our catalogue of products more effectively, measure the behavior of visitors in more detail and enabling us to implement new features as and when they are released by the OScommerce community.  Impact Technology have been, and continue to be, an absolute joy to work with.

Kal Kitchen, Sales Director