How We Approach Software Development

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Complete Transparency In All That We Do

Following a strict quality driven and fully auditable approach for every software development project we undertake, we offer three flexible development methodologies: Formal, Agile and Prototyping.  The choice of which software development method is used is entirely up to you, but it usually becomes clear as to the 'best fit' after an initial meeting.  Our Formal Methodology is outlined below:

Impacts' Approach To Formal Client Engagement:

  • Initial Fact Finding Meeting
    We meet with our client to help us understand the high-level requirements and to present in detail our offering as a potential supplier. At this stage we define the best method of engagement for each particular project/client.
  • Initial Proposal
    At this stage we would provide a high-level proposal including a fixed price for the Functional Specification and ball-park costs for development *
  • Requirements Capture and Functional Specification
    At this stage we delve deeply into your requirements, working closely with you to produce a Functional Specification.* A test schedule would be developed in line with Functional Specification.
  • Proposal of Solution
    A proposal will be written which fully adheres to the Functional Specification including detail on budgets and timescales. For smaller developments, we may be able to provide a fixed price quotation at this stage.
  • Design of Solution
    Graphic and technical design which would produce screen mock ups, usability test, database design, object design etc.  This stage would be signed off by the client before proceeding.
  • Development of Solution
    Using all signed off design specifications and functional specifications the system is coded to create a working version of the product.
  • Verification and Testing
    Using the agreed test schedule, the system is tested by Impact and then released to our client to carry out live testing on a staging server.
  • Deployment
    Once all testing has been completed and sign off has been received Impact will roll out your project.
  • Support and Maintenance
    Impact will continue to support both client and product, suggesting improvements or upgrades as the product matures.


* Dependant on the size of the project, the Functional Specification part of the process may be chargeable at a fixed rate.


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