The Benefits Of Web Services

Web service development - the benefits of web services for both a business and its IT department with case studies to prove it




What would utilising Web Services mean for you and your organisation?

Whilst there are many business benefits such as improved service to your customers and partners, there are also specific benefits for your IT department that can bring big cost savings and improved efficiencies...


IT Department Benefits of Using Web Services:

  • Improved efficiency by reducing time to integrate applications
  • The ability to develop new applications much faster than before
  • Cost savings through consolidation (common protocols can be applied across all scenarios)
  • Integrate existing software modules into your own applications, making use of 3rd party expertise
  • Evolution - having the flexibility to move with the times rather than being restricted by an applications version release


Business Benefits of Utilising Web Services:

  • Reduction in technology costs for new product development
  • Available to all sizes of organisation and individuals
  • Low cost so all smaller partners and suppliers can now be integrated
  • Allow remote access to business systems so offsite staff or customers can also benefit
  • Ease of use for consumers as your web services can link applications, services and devices together (act on information any time, any place and from any smart device)


How Web Services have improved our customers lives:


International Airport affiliates wish to re-sell executive lounge and security priority passes: Mass market windows desktop software needs to be managed, registered and supported globally: Calander of Events, Bookings and Membership details dynamically updated on the website from a private corporate network in a windows back office system:
Case Study of Web Services
Case Study of Web Services
Case Study of Web Services

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