Software Development Analysis

Software development analysis to ascertain effectiveness against your business needs,plus suggested improvements or developments




Does your current software meet your needs?

Software development analysis provides a manual method of checking that the software product is being correctly developed to a customers requirements, including the initial requirements laid out in the software development process.

As project reviews take place on completion of each stage of the development life cycle they are an appropriate point to apply quality metrics to the development process.

Impact would be happy to carry out an independent review of any software application or database that you have had built either in-house or by another development house.  Impact staff have considerable knowledge in this field and can not only test and review your product and it's suitability for your function, but more importantly add value to your investment through suggestions on improvements and developments that could be implemented.

Impact's Approach to Software Analysis Includes:

  • Knowledge Building
    Working with you to obtain and absorb any documentation relating to your original development so that our staff are fully briefed on your project.
  • Creation of a Software Quality Plan (if none already exists)
    Ensure that all developing and future software is evaluated to determine that the desired quality has been achieved. This is performed by creating a process to define best practice and work ethics such as testing, coding standards and code reviews.
  • Carry out a Software Quality Plan Audit
    On a standard software development process this would include:
    - Analysing the effectiveness of your software development against your business needs
    - Code audits to ensure coding standards are being met
    - Unit Testing: test individual procedures such as postcode lookup function
    - Module Testing: such as test the registration process from a users point of view
    - System Testing: both defined path testing and random usage testing
    - Integration Testing: testing your system works correctly with any 3rd party software used
    - Stress Testing: testing the code behaves the way you have defined it to with no errors
    - Load Testing: test robustness - many testers performing the same functions in parallel
  • Summary Report
    Containing suggestions of improvements, refinements and additional developments to improve the return on your software investment.

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