How We Approach Web Development

Our expert approach to web development - flexible development methods to suit your project




Web App Development Approach

Precision Processes = Performance

Following a strict quality driven approach for every web development we undertake, we offer three flexible development methodologies: Formal, Agile and Prototyping.  The choice of which web development methodology is used is entirely up to you, but is often dictated by how formed your idea is. 

If you already have a very thorough outline of exactly how you want your app to work then often the formal method works well, and if you're still unclear as to how some elements of your app will function then prototyping may help you to visualise and tweak your idea as we go.  We'll always work with you to find the 'best fit' approach which may well involve all three.

Our formal methodology for Web Development is as follows:

  • Initial Fact finding Meeting
    We meet with you to understand the high-level requirements, such as the key goals for your web app.
  • Initial Proposal
    At this stage we provide a high-level proposal taking into consideration your key performance indicators and guidelines to create an 'implementable idea'.  We can then give you a fixed price to write the full Functional Specification and ball-park costs for development*
  • Functional Specification
    At this point we delve deeply into your requirements, working closely with you to map out your exact Functional Specification.  At this stage we can provide detail on budgets and timescales.
  • Design of your Web App
    Graphic and technical design that ensures we adhere to your brand identity and values.  At this stage we would outline the best user interface framework to provide optimum user experience for the device and produce screen mock ups for you to sign off.
  • Web App Development
    Using all signed off design specifications and functional specifications our team of programmers convert the designs into a fully functioning version of the app.
  • Verification and Testing
    The app is quality and functionality tested in-house, and once we're happy we then release it to our client to carry out full user acceptance testing.
  • Support & Maintenance
    We don't just stop there, once the app has been launched we're always on hand to provide tweaks and upgrades.


* Dependant on the size of the project, the Functional Specification part of the process may be chargeable at a fixed rate.

To discuss your web app development project with our expert team, please get in touch.