Database Application Development

Database applications to streamline your data capture and optimised output in order to help make crucial business decisions




Swimming in data and need a 'virtual housekeeper'?

This is where database applications can save your sanity!

All organisations are awash with data, be it customer details, project tracking or stock availability - to make the most out of your data you need to be able to extract the business critical information and analyse it in a logical and user friendly interface (your database application).

Storing information in a logical order is one thing, but retrieving it in a format that means anything to anyone can be quite a difficult task.  Impact software developers are experts in database application development & design. We understand that the success of a complex application depends on the correct design of the database, the associated data structures and a user interface that allows your user to interrogate the data easily and retrieve what they need rapidly.  Plus we know it's crucial to get the database application design right first time in order to maximize the return on your software investment.

Impacts' Approach to Database Application Development:

  • Consultancy - working with you we will establish what data you need, to give you the information you need, to make value added decisions for your business
  • Data anlaysis is then performed to optimise your data collection, storage and processing needs
  • Where possible we will integrate disparate databases to collate your data into one central repository, or link remote data sources in a unified manner
  • User interface - working in collaboration we design a suitable database interface that allows tailored access to different user groups
  • Reporting - following your requirements we present the data in whichever format, or number of formats needed to help you make your business decisions


As this information is vital to the running of your business, we can create versions that can be accessed on mobile devices, small servers or large scale server clusters so that wherever you are, you€™re in the know.  To find out more contact us today.


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