Software Prototyping And Agile Development

Agile development and software prototyping are alternative and flexible software development methods.




Software Development Which Flows Alongside Your Ideas

Used as an alternative or in addition to formal functional specifications, the prototyping method of requirements capture works well if your software product isn't yet entirely defined or you have a number of ideas as to how an element may work.  We utilise software prototyping as a practical means to develop your product whilst allowing users to try out your development ideas rather than trying to decipher a functional specification.

Prototyping can also be used effectively by end users to describe and prove the need for requirements that developers may not have considered.

The Benefits of Software Prototyping:

  • Obtain feedback from users in the formative stages of your project
  • If following a requirements specification compare the prototype for accuracy against the spec
  • Insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates eg whether deadlines and milestones can be successfully met
  • Prototyping can also avoid the great expense and difficulty of changing a finished software product.


Agile Software Development

Again this development methodology follows the principles of developing and testing in iterations rather than as a whole product.  This process can help minimise overall risk and allows the project to adapt to changes quickly.

Agile methods emphasise face to face communication rather than formal written documents and usually breaks a project down into smaller bitesize elements which follow a full software development lifecycle.  This includes planning, requirements capture, design, coding and testing but in an informal manner where the working demonstration is used to review progress, analyse effectivness and re-evaluate priorities, in order to optimise return on investment for our clients and ensure continuing alignment with user needs and overall company goals.

Impact staff are experienced in many types of development methodology and would be happy to follow whichever path best fits you and your organisation, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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