Software Consultancy Services

Software Consultancy services to enable you to make informed decisions when initiating your software development project.

The correct structure of your software is critical to its success!

We provide software consultancy services to help explain what is achievable within your development budget, and enable you to make informed decisions on both the right technology and architecture when initiating a specific development project.

Impacts' software consultancy experts can advise you on many aspects of your business, for example do you need to:

  • Improve profitability by creating or developing management systems?
  • Simplify your workflow process to improve efficiency?
  • Improve communication through integrating systems?
  • Or bring an entirely new product to your marketplace?


Our software consultants can assess the technical feasibility of your plans and provide independent analysis of the associated business risks.  Plus help you to thoroughly specify your project to make huge savings throughout the development process in both time and costs, by getting it right first time.

Our software consultancy services include:  


  • Product conceptualisation
    Helping you to understand how technology can provide tangible results in meeting your business requirements such as improved efficiency, cost reductions, increased sales, improved customer services etc.
  • Requirements capture to create functional specification
    Converting your business requirements into a well-defined functional specification that your software developers can follow to the letter.
  • Prototyping/Agile Development 
    Allow users of your software to evaluate our proposals for the design of the product by actually trying them out, rather than having to interpret and evaluate the design based on descriptions.
  • Independent reports on application and database design
    Analysis of current in-house systems to ascertain effectiveness against your business needs with suggestions of improvements, refinements and additional developments.


For all your software consultancy needs, feel free to contact our expert team