Web Application For Compliance Software

We develop and support an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

Compliance Software Bespoke Development

Impact develop, support and update an Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Legislation compliance/audit system for Simplifi Solutions.

It has a register builder wizard where by asking a user a series of question cards it automatically builds up a register containing all the legislation required for a business, the user can then review the legislation carry out a risk analysis, audit, create actions, etc.  It is updated daily by administrators so companies know they will never not know about relevant legislation.  It also emails out when updates are carried out. 

We have recently written 2 extra modules for ISO 9001/14000 which is all form based question/answer, all of the outputs are formatted into Word and/or pdf for downloading/viewing by the user.  For these modules we wrote a very flexible automatic form builder, you specify a form layout, rules, and drop downs, and the system will automatically create the forms, database, report, etc.

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  • Web Application for Compliance Software
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Having worked with the staff at Impact for over 10 years I can confidently recommend their services.  I originally chose them as the preferred partner for my project as they demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues involved, and had a refreshing can-do attitude.  The issues we faced were technically challenging but Impact always provided a well thought out solution.  With our products being regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), security and adhering to standards was vitally important, along with offering a slick user experience.  From design through user interface, third party integration and back office integration Impact’s knowledge and experience shone through.

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