Software Product Development

Software Product Development that meets your defined business objectives, with creative solutions to inflexible problems.




Collaborative Product Development - Benefit From Our Know-How 

Taking a software product from concept to reality can be a complex and grueling process. The need usually arises in order to fulfill a defined business objective that can't be met by an 'off the shelf' product and it can be a daunting task to start from scratch creating your own. 

Impact can work with you to develop a new software product, whatever stage of the process you are in - from just a basic vision, to a more detailed requirements specification, which will successfully meet your business objective.

Impacts' Software Development Lifecycle:

  • Product Conceptualisation
    We take your idea of the product, assess its feasibility within your proposed budget and create a virtual plan to enable visulalisation of our joint end goal.  At this stage we also define the 'success' parameters of the project to ensure we adhere to this throughout the entire development process.
  • Product Design
    We help you to make informed choices on the technology used, its features and limitations and the correct architecture for the particular project.  Our methodology also includes studies of user experience and desired outcome to ensure all required business processes are effectively integrated.
  • Software Development
    This stage is the cohesion of the two previous stages, so bringing together: needs, usage, design ideas and architectural framework to create the development methodology plan.  This development plan can then be carried out by either your internal development team or by utilising our UK based software development teams.
  • Product Testing
    Your prototype product has to be tested using many parameters from usability to robustness, efficiency to ease of maintenance.  We test all our products using Unit Tests, System Tests, Integration Tests, Stress Tests and Compatibility Tests to ensure the best quality product is produced.
  • Product Launch
    Your product is launched using staging servers to allow live customer/user testing before roll out of the final version.
  • Product Support
    Support and maintenance can be tailored to your businesses specific needs, and we will continue to work with you to develop innovative improvements as your product matures.


At Impact Technology, our staff have successfully carried out this process for many software products and would be pleased to assist with your product development plan, please get in touch to discuss your project further.


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