The Right Software Development Methodology For You

Choosing the right software development methodology for your project is crucial to its success whether its formal, agile or prototyping we will find the best fit for your project.




Custom Development Methods Ensure You Get The Best Fit From Us


Choosing the right software development methodology can be crucial to the success of your project and making the right choice isn't always easy.  Below we have highlighted the key differences between the 3 main methodologies we employ to hopefully help guide your choice:

Pointers on choosing the right software methodology
 Feature  Formal  Agile  Prototype

 Total clarity in what you require the software

 to do and can document those requirements.

 Can accommodate changes to requirements

 easily once development has started.

 Fixed price agreement.

 Have a rough idea of what you want the

 software to do, but some functions won't be

 clear until part of the software has been written.

 Minimum of wasted time, reworking or

 issue fixing.

 Very quickly want a demonstration system

 with minimal functionality i.e a concept.

 Has to interact or integrate with third-party

 systems with strict interfaces and protocols

 that have not been developed yet.


 = Good

 = Fair

= Poor


We will of course work with you to ascertain the type of software development project you are initiating, plus take into account the style that best fits you and your organisation.  To discuss our methodologies in more depth please don't hesitate to contact us.

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