Software Integration: Secure Checks Integrated To Web

Equifax's SecureMark identification integrated to web interface

SecureMark integrated to web interface

Issue: The Financial Services Authority requires that financial services providers must prove the identity of applicants.  This is traditionally carried out by sending copies of a passport or drivers licence with utility bills.  This requires enormous amounts of in-bound postal mail; secure handling of documents, copying services and return postings.

Solution: Equifax launched SecureMark Electronic Identification, integrating this solution with the providers€™ core systems allows proof of identity to be instantaneous over the internet.

Software Integration: SecureMark to Web Interface


  • Reduction in mail handling and document control (cost and staff reduction)
  • Improved workflow (ability to process more applicants/hour)
  • Improved customer service (instant response to application)
  • Improved sales conversion (customers don€™t have to locate and post out confidential and valuable documents which is timely, costly and worrying)

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