Mysilversands Mobile Responsive Website

A new look for a long time customer, with everything focused on mobile. Mysilversands mobile responsive website goes live.

Mobile optimised website goes live

A new look for a long-time customer, with a focus on mobile, whilst still working perfectly on the web.

Having noticed their customers are turning more to mobile to browse and book villas, with traffic increasingly coming from social media Mysilversands requested a complete overhaul of their current website to put mobile at the heart of the focus.  Reducing content, and making booking processes simpler and tablet/mobile screen size friendly.

Impact have also written a full PMS back end and integerated Rentals United API to allow Mysilversands properties to appear on 64 other channels such as AirBnB, Booking.Com etc. we have a 3 second response time to inbound requests and poll the systems every 20 mins to update all booking related data.  We have written a simple dashboard to show the state of the API network and API queue with a real time interface to API's for checking data or queries which we format into a user friendly display.


API integration to Rentals United

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"In 2009, I moved my business from a company in India, and engaged Impact Technology to maintain and develop my vacation rental website. Since then the website has undergone many large changes from a complete redesign, to simplifying booking functionality and enhancing usability features. There have also been many back end changes, simplifying key administration tasks, including the creation of a variety of complex reporting and financial functions. More recently we have been focused on social aspects and enhancing the delivery of guest services to our customers before arrival and during their stay. Impact have developed bespoke forums for us so that guests can ask questions of other guests prior to booking, and integrated live chat software to the website to support pre-sales. We are about to launch a bespoke private messaging system that will allow guests to communicate, both with each other and key members of staff, before, during and after their visit. I have found Impact’s input into all of these changes invaluable. Andy will always find the most efficient and budget conscious solution to a problem, and Jo has often been a sounding board for looking at things from the customers perspective. Thus far it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship and I am confident it will continue to be so."
Managing Director, MySilversands