GDPR Software ECommerce Website And Web Application

An online compliance tool which provides a question and answer framework, to help businesses meet their GDPR requirements.

GDPR Software eCommerce Website and Web Application

The GDPR software platform is a comprehensive system that aims to simplify the process of the GDPR journey.

It is an online compliance tool which provides a question and answer framework, supporting documentation, and audit trail of evidence for businesses to be able to demonstrate their organisation is operating within GDPR guidelines.

Designed for any company size from one person working from a home office, up to large corporations that may have an allocated GDPR team.  

Features include:

  • The main framework is grouped into 11 main sections with over 100 questions and the user answering Yes/No/Not Sure.
  • Dashboard for the users so they can see progress through each of the stagesWizard and on-screen guides to walk businesses through the question and answer framework
  • Extensive library of sample template policies and procedures which can be tailored to each business
  • Autofill of sample templates to speed up filling them in
  • Areas to document data types and locations
  • Areas to document processes, with a file uploader. 
  • Registers to record Transfer of Data, Request/Restriction of Data, and Data Breach Register
  • SAR (Subject Access  Request) Form module
  • Risk/audit/gap assessment module
  •  Actions can be asigned, with calendar reminders
  • Auditable Reports in HTML/PDF to supply evidence businesses are following GDPR practices
  • Ongoing support for audit trails, as it is a continual process

  This system utilises HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, plus bootstrap and ajax with reporting in HTML/PDF.

Project info

  • GDPR Software eCommerce Website and Web Application
  • ecommerce website, web application



Prototype software development for a queue management system.

We have recently used Impact Technology to develop a bespoke software programme from scratch and found them to be incredibly accommodating and they had a real grasp of what we were attempting to achieve. From enquiry right through to post-completion we found Impact Technology were always willing to assist and clearly valued customer satisfaction and the end-product was exactly what we were looking to achieve.  I would highly recommend their services accordingly.

Gokhan Hassan, Managing Director