API Integration For Multi Shipping Management System

The API connectors developed by Impact allow SmartConsign multi-shipping system to talk to a variety of ecommerce stores so that orders can be shipped efficiently.

API Integration for Multi-Shipping Management System

SmartConsign shipping software is a platform the allows clients (Operaters) to connect their customers (Shippers) with Carriers (Yodel, DX, DHL, etc).

The connectors developed by Impact talk to a variety of ecommerce stores so that orders can be shipped using SmartConsign. The integration provides the booking of the shipping agent, publishing of tracking informtion back to the store, the ability to download shipping labels or have shipping labels sent back to the store.  The system can also handle cancellations.  Due to the level of integrations the customer can pick from a variety of couriers and services, to match delivery expectations.

The connectors are called via a webhook to collect the order and then post it to SmartConsign, with a scheduled job running the connector every 5 minutes to mop up any orders that might be missed by the webhook from ecommerce stores, due to traffic, internet issues, etc.

Technology Stack:

  • ASP.NET Core 3.1 / .NET 5
  • C#
  • REST API – HttpClient
  • SQL

Deployment is fully automated through Azure DevOps Pipelines, going via respositories and onto AWS services.

Currently SmartConsign has 25+ carriers and API developments to Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 2 and BigCommerce, with new connectors being developed by Impact all the time.

Project info

  • API Integration for Multi-Shipping Management System
  • api integration, shipping integration

Active Andalucia

Active Andalucia
Multilingual website for outdoor pursuits center in Spain.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the work you have put in to creating our new web site, we are really pleased with the results.

I know we have not been the easiest of clients to work with as we had no clear direction in the beginning and then so many unplanned changes but thank you for your patience and it has paid off as we now have what we think is the best site in the “activity business" it is vibrant, easy to navigate, engaging and informative.  Your advise and guidance through this process for us has been amazing and fingers crossed this is the start to a great new venture for us.

We have a few other projects we are working on and look forward to talking to you about these soon.

Deborah Kelly, Marketing Director