Amazon And Ebay Ecommerce Integration

Amazon and Ebay Ecommerce Integration 

The Distribution365 solution uses the web site as a hub  where we download/upload orders/courier data between Amazon and eBay using their API's and communicate with a back-office, logistics, fulfilment centre via XML to co-ordinate the proceses.  We poll Amazon and eBay regularly to collate orders, then twice a day courier, tracking data, etc is pushed back up and on to the customer so they can monitor the order progress.

We have built in exception monitoring and send out emails to support staff if anything is detected or data does not look correct.  We have an interactive dashboard where admin users can query the API's in real time to do one off checks or just see how the order profile is looking.

Timing is crucial as eBay and Amazon set hard targets for suppliers in terms of data updates to the customer.

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  • Amazon and Ebay Ecommerce Integration
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Having worked with the staff at Impact for over 10 years I can confidently recommend their services.  I originally chose them as the preferred partner for my project as they demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues involved, and had a refreshing can-do attitude.  The issues we faced were technically challenging but Impact always provided a well thought out solution.  With our products being regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), security and adhering to standards was vitally important, along with offering a slick user experience.  From design through user interface, third party integration and back office integration Impact’s knowledge and experience shone through.

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