WooCommerce To Exact Accounts API Integration

WooCommerce to Exact Accounts Software API Integration - a seamless flow of two-way information from ecommerce store to accounts software.

WooCommerce API Integration

Recently launched is a trade website for a MicroBrewery (WordPress with WooCommerce) - Howling Hops.  The website mimicks their B2C website in design but is integrated to their accounts system (using an API to Exact Accounts plugin module that we wrote), so that they can manage customers credit amounts and keep track of stock on both the B2C and B2B website. Orders get pushed to the accounts system and stock data gets pushed back up to both websites.

The WooCommerce API integration to Exact accounts software, provides the following:
- WooCommerce reflects live stock levels from Exact for each SKU.
- Orders processed through WooCommerce are automatically pushed to Exact and sync with the appropriate customer and SKU.
- Stock is automatically deducted.
- Invoice is generated from Exact data using the customer payment terms specified for the customer in Exact.
- When a new customer is connected to the company on WooCommerce, the customer is automatically created in Exact.
- Existing trade customers on Exact are connected to the corresponding customer on WooCommerce via customer codes.

Howling Hops Sales Manager, said:

"Andy and the team at Impact Technology have been a real pleasure to work with.

From assisting in scoping out the project and talking us through the technical side of things step by step they have exceeded expectations.

Highly recommend working with them to anyone looking for a custom ecommerce integration."


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Active Andalucia

Active Andalucia
Multilingual website for outdoor pursuits center in Spain.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the work you have put in to creating our new web site, we are really pleased with the results.

I know we have not been the easiest of clients to work with as we had no clear direction in the beginning and then so many unplanned changes but thank you for your patience and it has paid off as we now have what we think is the best site in the “activity business" it is vibrant, easy to navigate, engaging and informative.  Your advise and guidance through this process for us has been amazing and fingers crossed this is the start to a great new venture for us.

We have a few other projects we are working on and look forward to talking to you about these soon.

Deborah Kelly, Marketing Director