Software Integration Services

Software integration services to streamline your business processes and remove frustrations

Making Technology Pay €“ integrate or frustrate!

The key to achieving a good return on your software investment is in the integration of the technology across the business; seamlessly linking data from sales to stock control to fulfilment.  Ensure you reap the highest rewards by enabling your business critical systems to work together reliably and with high integrity.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • I have to re-key the data in to more than one system
  • I manually have to transcribe data from one system to another
  • I have to enter inbound sales requests into my CRM system
  • My MRP software will not talk to the accounts package
  • My website and back-office system will not talk to each other

Examples of our Integration Work:

Project Time Recording

SMS to Recruitment Tool

Secure Checks Integrated to Web

At Impact we have a wealth of experience at not only building and delivering both web applications and desktop applications but more importantly in the integration of these solutions to your business infrastructure.  Successful software integration requires knowledge and experience of a wide variety of systems, understanding how they function and operate; not only technically but how they impact on your business.

Gone are the days where one provider has the experience to deliver all your business systems cost-effectively, it is highly likely that you now work with a number of specialist suppliers providing solutions from finance, warehousing, SOP, POP, administration, resourcing, logistics, personnel, banking, web solutions, IT support etc. and no single niche supplier will have the expertise to integrate all these systems together.

The benefits of integration can usually be achieved very cost-effectively with fairly immediate payback in terms of improved business processes, reduced admin effort and therefore cost and time savings, which will demonstrate a good ROI. 

Impact€™s Software Integration services can take the form of one or more of the following:

  • Analyse and improve workflow processes
  • Re-configuration and optimisation of existing systems
  • Using secure web based API€™s
  • Using wireless or mobile phone technology (GSM, GPRS)
  • Writing custom code to link systems together
  • Data transformations to link data across different systems
  • Use of 3rd party suppliers e.g. aggregators
  • Use of thin-client technology e.g. Citrix, Terminal Services, VNC
  • Use of secure intranet, WAP or internet solutions

If you are struggling to integrate your software systems, or just have a minor niggle with a particular part of your business process then feel free to contact to one of our integration specialists to see just how we can help you.

Below are just some of the systems, techniques and solutions we have integrated with:

  • Accounts
    o Sage
    o ASTRA
    o Other UNIX, LINUX systems
    o elucid
  • Databases
    o Oracle
    o Microsoft SQL Server
    o SyBase
    o Informix
    o MySQL
    o MS Access
    o DBX
  • EDI
    o Tradacomms EDI Orders9
    o Tradacomms EDI ASN1302
  • Supply Chain
    o Manhatten Associates
    o AVL Comms
  • Hardware systems
    o GPRS systems
    o GSM systems
    o Cash tills
    o Coin/Note acceptors
    o Touch screens
    o Mobile phones
    o Phone Systems
  • Mobile phone payment gateways
    o iteleBill
  • Credit Checking
    o Equifax
    o Equifax EID
  • Payment gateways
    o Worldpay
    o PayPal Express Checkout
    o PayPal WP Pro
    o Netbanx
    o Barclays EPDQ
    o NatWest Bank
    o HSBC; Lloyds TSB Cardnet; NatWest Streamline Protx
    o APACS30
  • Hotel Booking Systems
    o Welcome 21
  • Techniques
    o AJAX
    o SOAP
    o POP3, SMTP, MS Exchange
    o Cell site location
    o SMS gateways
    o VOIP
  • Data Feeds
    o Google base
    o Site map
    o XML feeds Kelcoo
  • Others
    o Vodafone WASP
    o Vodafone Corporate Eye
  • Other Standards
    o EDI
    o GAMP

To find out how we can make a significant Impact on your software integration project please contact us today.

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