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Interact with live TV programmes via an iPhone App displaying complementary content to support your programme.

So let's be clear here, we're not talking about using the iPhone to stream TV or Video (as there are a myriad of ways to do this already) we're talking about enhancing the content you can distribute simultaneously via TV and an iPhone App (or any Smartphone app) to engage with a more interactive audience.


An Example TV iPhone App Concept: 

So imagine you start seeing advertising announcing the return of your favourite 'whodunnit' to our screens. This same advertising is also promoting an app that allows you to participate by doing your own detective work. Whilst the show is airing you get to try to beat the on screen detective to the big reveal...tempting, yes?

iPhone apps can be developed to synchronise with the start of the live broadcast, plus the same app can also allow for manual launch for the sky+ recording generation.

We can also track levels of interaction and respective timelines to give enhanced audience viewing and participation stats.


Uses for your TV iPhone App Development are endless.

Some suggestions to get the creative juices flowing are...

TV iPhone app development

Keep viewers riveted to your programme by:

  • asking them to spot items throughout the show (like a mobile game of snap)
  • becoming the detective to guess the outcome of the plot

    All with web and social media based live leader boards of who the fastest are, which geographic region is scoring the highest, best performing gender etc..


Enhance your TV programme content by:

  • providing synchronised events at key frames within the programme
  • in-depth snippets of facts and figures to accompany live content
  • additional imagery €“ perhaps zoomed in detail or annotated graphics


Entertain your audience by:

  • asking quizz questions
  • provide teasers or perhaps even misdirection as to where the plot is going


The format for your TV iPhone App Development is utterly adaptable from a one off app to go with a Christmas Special, to an app that follows a series, to an app that builds alongside a continuing series - the format is flexible enough to fit any schedule.


Benefits of your TV iPhone App Development:

  • Compliment content of your TV programme
  • Use the app as a marketing tool to engage a new audience
  • Benefit from additional audience viewing stats (interaction over time)
  • Carry out A/B testing via the app to refine app content


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