Lads Mag iPhone App Launches

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Created for K2 Media the Build A Babe App was created for their target market of young fun-minded types. This simple iPhone app development allows the user to choose 1 of 3 girls and then switch their body parts and backgrounds to create amusing (and some scary!) pin up girls.

Build A Babe iPhone App Development

Once the girl has been chosen the switching can begin...using finger swipe functionality three body sections can be interchanged.  The shuffle button will change all three body sections and the background, or just the background can be changed if required. Changing the girl provdes a whole new set of options to play with!

This app sailed through Apple's testing process and launched in the Apple App Store in December 2009.  K2 reported it was selling steadily but unfortunately became a victim of their recent removal of all apps that are 'overtly sexual'.  Apparently showing girls in bikinis in a 17+rated App is still too much for the delicate souls at Apple....

Technologies Used Include:

  • Animation to provide finger swipe functionality
  • Graphic rendering